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Welcome to BIA Actors Studio! At the Actors Studio, we hope that you can explore the amazing potential that you have in acting. We believe that anyone can be an actor/actress, as long as you think you CAN! The only requirement for joining the Actors Studio is, you are interested in acting and won't ever quit! There will be lots of acting opportunities once you join our Studio, and regardless of your acting ability, every student at the Actors Studio will be required to perform in Twelfth Night, BIA's only drama production of the year. We will only hold closed audition within the Actors Studio instead of hosting open audition for the entire school, which means every student in the Actors Studio will get the chance to perform in Twelfth Night, a witty and brilliant play written by the greatest playwright William Shakespeare!

The BIA Actors Studio is an acting and script-writing class taught by Ms. Sharon, the Director, mainly to train actors and actresses. We provide acting and script-writing lessons, combined with physical activities (such as dance and yoga) and lectures/seminars.The Actor Studio is headed by the Director and meets primarily during the 4th period activity hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Only students interested in acting in the play will be allowed to join (this also controls the class size, making the class more learner-centered as the Director can work closely with each individual). The class will hold closed auditions for various parts in the yearly play, and ideally most of the rehearsals will be done IN class instead of outside class. While the Director heads up the Actors Studio, she will have other responsibilities as well.  The Director will report a budget for every production that must be approved by administration.  The Director will also set deadlines for the other drama programs beyond the Actors Studio and call meetings with program heads as necessary.  

As the Actors Studio is a structured-class with specific year-long learning objectives, students are expected to stay with us for the entire course from the beginning to the end. Drama is a journey, and we hope that you will enjoy the ups and downs and the 'drama' of drama through this process! To do well in this class, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the objectives of the class and try to align with them.

The objectives of The Actors Studio are:

-          Students learn the literary devices used by William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night e.g. iambic pentameter, symbolism etc.

-          Students learn to appreciate the themes of disguise, gender stereotypes, illusion, and social class difference etc. in Twelfth Night.

-          Students act out different acts and scenes of Twelfth Night using Shakespearean English.

-          Students practice English speaking through various drama activities.

-          Students attend seminars conducted by teachers and invited speakers to learn various speaking and/or acting skills.

-          Students learn to use different accents in presenting different characters.

-          Students watch and appreciate Twelfth Night in Shakespearean English.

-          Students read and understand Shakespearean English by going through the original script of Twelfth Night.

-          Students appreciate different modern adaptations of Twelfth Night.

-          Students experience authentic audition to decide on the casting for each role in Twelfth Night (the judges will include Ms. Sharon and any other faculty interested).

-          Students may help in designing the props and costumes for their own production of Twelfth Night, but it is not mandatory. Students will get extra credits for helping out.

-          Students learn to edit the original script of Twelfth Night as scriptwriters.

-          Students perform Twelfth Night during homecoming.

-          Students may also have different opportunities to perform during Halloween, Christmas or other school events.

-          Students learn to appreciate teamwork, integrity and the beauty of life through different kinesthetic activities (including but not limited to yoga, dance and group activities).

 Our timeline (subject to change according to the number of students joining the Actors Studio, one unit may take two to three lessons):


- Students express interest in joining the Actors Studio, class size determined

- Cast determined by closed audition


Session 1: Drama Basics
Unit 1: Modern Drama Exploration (“The Apple” and “The Worker”); Reading aloud; Improvisations
Unit 2: Miming and Mirroring; Body Language; Dramatic Dialogue 
Unit 3: Stress and Intonation; Acrostic script-writing  
Unit 4: Teamwork; Character Building; Personal sharing  


Session 2: Shakespearean Drama Exploration
Unit 5: Twelfth Night (themes and literary devices etc)
Unit 6: Comedy vs Tragedy
Unit 7: Hot-seating
Unit 8: Drama Terminology


Session 3: Appreciation of Adapted Literature
Unit 9: Modern adaptations of Twelfth Night
Unit 10: Dramatic Reading


Session 4: Script-writing
Unit 11: Short dialogue writing and Simulations
Unit 12: Role-play and Skits
Unit 13: Writing Short Scenes
Unit 14: Script-writing


Session 5: Preparation (Rehearsal month)
Unit 15, 16, 17 and 18: Script editing, rehearsals, props and staging.

March - May  

Session 6: From Script to Performance
Unit 19: Rehearsals and choosing props and costumes, photo-taking etc
Unit 20: Student Performance (homecoming)

Unit 21: Post-performance reflection

Unit 22: Wrap-up/Finale




BIA Drama Program and Actors Studio Overview

Criteria for Closed Audition

BIA Twelfth Night Script

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